What is your minecraft playtime?

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by craftboom » 9/6/2011

Hi all,

What is your minecraft playtime so far?

My playtime: 28.92 Days

Find your playtime by doing the following:-

Press ESC - > Select Statistics > Scroll down to Minutes Played.
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by piemanjake97 » 9/6/2011

87 days............
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by The Doctor BW » 9/6/2011

98 days. tested 100 percent positive for minecraft addiction.
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by Holariam » 9/6/2011

1.10 days :lol:
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by Erma32 » 9/7/2011

My time played gets reset all the time because of uninstalling mods :P
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by CoNNoRxACR » 9/7/2011

1 Minute Just Uninstalled Mods
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by drumminggod515 » 12/30/2011

Does this work anymore?
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by Percythehero9 » 12/30/2011

484784685623478965784w6574w78564745678346783675447843785465445865854885638658e3689546348589758345863765567956754657t6576575467t635896580750834658679567936563578965793563948 mil a secs
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by JustaFleshWound » 12/30/2011

A long time.
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by sniviscool » 7/31/2013

For me, A very, very long time!
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by nyancatfeaver45 » 7/31/2013

Ive been playing this game for 3 years now
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by Instant_ReplEH » 7/31/2013

10 days -_-
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